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Fat Goat Challenge Update

Alright. So, I took down the Fat Goat Challenge page. It was kind of stupid. But I haven’t forgotten about that dreadful picture of Sadie and me, and I haven’t quite stopped my quest at becoming a less-fat goat. Here’s a little update:

  • Calorie counting was a total joke. I lasted all of four days. Fortunately, they quit serving those giant cookies at the cafe at work. Unfortunately, my appetite for ice cream (both homemade and Ben & Jerry’s) has continued. I still maintain, though, that my diet is pretty healthy. So I’m putting that stress off for another day.
  • The One Hundred Push Ups Challenge is going pretty well. I wasn’t able to do enough after Week 5 to move on to the final week, and I kind of slacked off last week. So I think my plan is to start tomorrow night with Week 5, Day 1, Column 2; do Column 3 next week; and then do an exhaustion test to see if I’m ready for Week 6 after that. I’m not terribly worried about getting to Week 6 in a hurry. Doing 45 push ups in a row is pretty effing hard, and if that’s the best I can ever do… I’ll take it, thank you.
  • If you follow me on twitter, you’ll know I’ve been using a C25K (Couch to 5K) app on my iPhone and have been running. I’ve got a friend who lives a few blocks away who is awesome enough to meet me at 5:45 three mornings a week to run/walk. She’s already done a running program, but it’s been a while, so this is good for both of us. I  never, EVER, thought I’d get into running (Well, I could run a seven-minute mile my senior year of high school when the dance squad–shut it–ran in the mornings. But I weighed all of 95 pounds or something stupid like that.), but I really kind of like this process. The few times I have tried to “take it up,” I’ve failed right out of the gate. I would just set out from the house and start running. No plan, no motivation. That might work for some folks. Not this gal. But this app is awesome. Somebody else has already figured it out for me, and they tell me when to run and when to walk. If there’s one thing I like, it’s to be bossed around. Wait.A.Minute… I didn’t mean that. Shut it, you.

So, what’s all this effort gotten me? Much nicer biceps, that’s for sure. Other than that, not much. I’ve stayed the same weight, which isn’t a huge deal to me (I don’t even have a scale, so the only way I know is by weighing myself secretly when I’m at friends’ houses). Sadly, I think I discovered some fresh, new stretch marks. Gag my face off. But, whatever. I’m enjoying being this active, and that’s mostly what’s important. Would it nice to get my before-I-met-Trevor-and-started-eating-like-a-hungry-boy body back? Um, yes. Would any reasonable amount of exercise do that for me? Um, no. I’d have to sell my firstborn to hire Gwyneth Paltrow’s personal trainer. Don’t worry, Sadie…

Photo by Katie Short

One of those weeks.

Wowza. I’m glad it’s Friday. This has definitely been one of those weeks where, if it’s not one thing, it’s something else. I don’t like being a Master Complainer, but I need to get this off my chest.

This week we’ve:

  • Had glass bottle of very sticky soda smash on the kitchen floor. Cleaned it up, but not well enough.
  • Woken up to ants all over the sticky mess. Got rid of the ants and the stick mess with the steam mop.
  • Cracked two horribly rotten eggs from our darling chickens (first time I’ve experienced that).
  • Come home to Willow in her crate, surrounded by a pool of diarrhea and vomit (the crate that’s in the bedroom, our one carpeted room). This led to a multitude of complications, including the house reaching 85 degrees while we attempted to air it out.
  • Experienced the at-least-weekly cat vomit in the morning.
  • Woken up to another kitchen ant attack.
  • Probably had other absurd things happen that have blissfully escaped my mind.

BUT! We’ve had some good, too:

  • Sadie and I joined our friends for a end-of-the-summer swim and takeout dinner.
  • I went to my second ICAN meeting and felt really good about it. Went more in-depth about Sadie’s birth story.
  • Coincidentally bumped into a woman from the ICAN meeting as I was fleeing my poopy house and was invited to my first La Leche League meeting. This provided the perfect escape from the house–Sadie and I were able to eat dinner, play with other babies and talk about breastfeeding while the house aired out.
  • As I write this, running late for work, Trevor is kindly fixing me breakfast so I can take a breather. Thanks, love.

Oh, how I hope this Friday and weekend go better than the rest of this week.

Wordless Wednesday: Petite Pirates

A sneak peak

Just a preview of the cuteness and fun that shall be the 7th Annual T&A’s Homemade Boat Race and Pirates and Portwhores Party. That is, if I remember to take and post pictures. These are the onesies I just made for Sadie Danger and her BFF, Margie Mayhem.

Wordless Wednesday: Consignment WIN


Does the fact that Sadie talks to and kisses (okay, I might have encouraged that one) the baby on her yogurt cup make her totally awesome or a little bit crazy? She doesn’t even bother learning the sign or word “yogurt;” we’ve just learned that whenever she’s eating and suddenly demands BABY! It’s time to get out some yogurt.

Oh, and Sadie has totally learned to say “cheese!” for the camera n

(In other news.) After quite a bit of a break, I’m back to my workout routine. I just did 91 push ups, and tomorrow morning I’m redrafting my C25k program. This time, I’ve got a friend joining me. It’ll be fun telling her to run and walk like I’m the boss. Too bad it’ll be my phone running my ass to begin with!

Starts with a "V" and ends with "a-cay-shun."

Heck, yeah! Summer vacation. The last time I took one of those, I was seven weeks pregnant, got a nasty head cold and spent approximately 96 percent of my time in a dark room watching a marathon of a show I’m embarrassed to mention (and only about four total hours on the beach). Thanks to the oil spill, my family relocated our vacation to Big Cedar Lodge, which is just outside (drum roll, please) Branson, Missouri. Now, I’ve grown up being kind of a snob about Branson (Fawn, I’m sorry. Also, I had no idea people actually came from Branson.). Probably has something to do with the obnoxiously cheesy Silver Dollar City commercials we in Little Rock grew up being subjected to. But the fact that the drive is less than four hours long definitely had its appeal.

Summer being the busier season for the cycling business, it’s pretty tough for Trevor to get time off (Wait, it’s ALWAYS hard for Trevor to get time off. Richard, are you reading this?). Being a crafty gal, I came up with the plan that Trevor, Sadie and I drive up on Sunday, meet up with my family at Big Cedar on Monday, and Trevor could drive back to LR on Tuesday, which meant he only had to take one day off from work. To be fair, I was all, “Let’s go camping!” and Trevor–often the voice of reason–convinced me to stay in a hotel in town. Considering that the heat index was eleventy billion degrees Fahrenheit, this was a good call. So that’s what we did, to much success. Sadie and I stayed on with my family until Thursday, leaving me with a luxurious long weekend doing mostly normal things with Sadie before going back to work.

Being the awesome person I am, I failed to pack spare batteries, so when my rechargeable batteries turned out not to be recharged at all, I resorted to my phone as camera (let’s ignore the fact that when I was unpacking, I discovered my battery charger was in my bag the entire time). We’ll also ignore the fact that the only photos I’ve been taking in the last few months have been with my phone because I’ve been too lazy to charge batteries. AND the fact that I could have surely found four AA batteries, for a princely sum, of course. Hopefully some of the pictures taken by various family members will make their way onto my hard drive. Because I suspect there are some cute ones of Sadie with her cousins.

So! Our trip, more or less:

Sunday night, we went down to Branson Landing. It’s a kind of pedi-mall on the White River. There were lots of shops and places to eat, and we wound up eating in this restaurant that was actually on the river. Why I didn’t think what this would mean to a person like me, I don’t know. But as soon as Trevor pointed out that the light fixtures–and, really, everything–were moving, I knew I was in trouble. Sure enough, by the time I was writing in the tip amount on the receipt, I knew I had to get the heck out of there, or I was going to lose my “Hunter’s Meatloaf.” Sadie had a blast, of course. She’s recently learned how to drink from a straw, so every glass of water on the table pretty much becomes hers. She had a freaking death grip on this one, and did some serious ice crunching.

After dinner, we walked along the river and paused to look at some ducks.

They’ve got this “fire and water” show at Branson Landing, which was pretty cool. This is not the fountain, because we had to skeedaddle as Sadie was a little freaked out by the giant bursts of flames coming from these metal tubes. After this, we headed to Marble Slab for ice cream. This has been my favorite chain ice cream shops since my friend moved to Dallas and I first got to try it. I always get the same thing–chocolate Swiss with cherries. On our stroll, Sadie was more than a little obsessed about all of the babies we saw. She kept pointing, saying, “Bay-bee? Bay-bee!” There was this one little girl walking around with her parents, and Sadie stood stock-still, arms outstretched, beckoning the kid to come to her. Finally, Sadie just ran up and gave her a hug. Fortunately, the girl’s parents though this was cute, especially as Sadie continued to harass her until they went out of reach.

On Monday, we drove to what the map suggested was Branson’s zoo and aquarium. We weren’t sure if we really wanted to go to a zoo or not, but Sadie fell asleep in the car, so we figured the drive was worth checking it out. Um, no. We didn’t even get out of the car. We headed back to downtown for lunch, and then we decided to head on out to Big Cedar Lodge to wait for my family to get there. The building where registration is located has this awesome table of tinker toys. Sadie was all too glad to stick them in her mouth. And to stand in the seat, of course. She likes to stand up on things that she apparently knows she shouldn’t and says, “Shit.” I’m sure she means “sit,” but it’s pretty cute. And slightly nerve wracking.

We had dinner at the fancier restaurant at the resort on Monday night. Sadie is stinking cute in her new moccasins, isn’t she? They’re a little big, and she won’t really wear them until it’s cold anyway, but it was fun to have her wear them a couple of times. Dinner was, shall we say, a total nightmare. Our reservations weren’t until 8:00–already a catastrophe in the making. Then, the table that was supposed to seat all 20 (21?) of us wasn’t ready. I don’t know what time it was when they finally seated us, except that it was meltdown time. Luckily, we were with family who were willing to give us a break from trying to keep Sadie happy, so we were able to scarf down our meals and get out of there.

We played a little miniature golf with the little cousins while the older kids did this Kids’ Camp thing. Miniature golf is on the very short list of things I suck at yet completely enjoy doing anyway. It was crazy hot, though. We kept the babies cool by strolling them into patches of shade as we found them.

Boating! On both Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, we went out on Table Rock Lake on a couple of party barges. I was a wee bit nervous about how Sadie would react to being on a boat for four hours. As you can see, it was a hit. The first day, she wasn’t so crazy about getting in the lake with the life jacket on. She didn’t seem to mind it when we were in the boat, but once we were in the water, she wasn’t a happy camper. Wednesday was a different story. She really seemed to like watching the water as we sped through it. And I can’t even imagine what she thought at the sight of me tubing.

(Aren’t her little crossed feet the most nomable things ever? I swear, this must be a genetic habit–my feet are crossed the same way right now–and pretty much all of the time. We are ladies.)

In all, it was a totally fantastic vacation. Sadie had a blast with her cousins, and it was so much fun to watch her interact with them. Hopefully this will be something she gets to do ever year.

Some tidbits.

I just wrote a massive blog post about our vacation to Branson. But I don’t want to publish it just yet, in the hopes that I’ll score some more/better photos from family members in the meantime. So here are some tidbits about how things are. Because I’m still alive.

  • Apparently we’re in the hottest summer ever or something. I don’t watch the news, but it’s been effing hot around here.
  • Sadie was so excited to see her pets when we got home from vacation yesterday. She just kept yelling, “Kittie!” at the top of her screechy lungs.
  • Tomorrow Sadie and I go to our first parent-child dance class. I’m pretty pumped about it, but I’m a little worried about Sadie’s morning nap. I think I must also be a bit anxious about starting the adult ballet class next month, because I totally had this messed up dream about it last night. As in, I was being attacked by a mob of angry kittens while I was trying to change into my leotard, etc. (the leotard alone is worth being anxious over, I believe).
  • I did not do my push ups while on vacation. I totally planned on it, and think I would have had Monday night not been such a disaster (after finally getting Sadie to sleep at 11, I was all, “Fuck push ups,” as you might imagine). So, back to those this Monday night.
  • And back to running Monday morning. For real. I think my knees are better enough to figure out if it was the running or the squats that hurt them in the first place.
  • My girls-only vacation is booked for early September. I’m excited and nervous and all sorts of things (particularly as Trevor’s car just needed a bunch of unexpectedly expensive work). This is a post of its own.
  • And, to wrap up, I seem to have a plugged milk duct or something. Oh, the pain. Hot compresses aren’t doing a darn thing about it, either. Here’s hoping it doesn’t turn into mastitis. Yikes.

Here’s a picture of Sadie from one year ago. It was her first swim in the lake. Oh, those fat rolls were so cute. Now she’s just got a couple left. I am trying to treasure them as best I can.

Homemade laundry detergent

Is not that hard to make. I recently made my second batch, and I remembered to take some (not so awesome) pictures while I was at it.

All you need to do is:

1. Get a clean container and a scoop;
2. Grate one bar of plain Ivory soap, and put it in the container;
3. Add one cup of washing soda;
4. Add one cup of Borax;
5. Add one cup of Oxyclean (the kind without fragrance or any other extra stuff);
6. Put a lid on the container and shake to mix;
7. Add, five drops at a time–shaking to mix between–15 drops of tea tree oil; and…
8. Wash your clothes.

It takes maybe 20 minutes to do, and our first batch lasted a good long while. I’ll see how long this batch lasts.

There are a lot of homemade laundry detergents out there, even liquid, if that’s your thing. Here’s where I got started.

This can be messy!

Contrast between washing soda and grated soap.


Ingredients and finished product. I can get all of these, except the tea tree oil, at my nearby mainstream grocery store.

Sprinkler + potting soil + Sadie = best Arkansas summer ever

Oh, we are having a good time! I truly loved Sadie’s first year, but this summer is taking the cake of all the summers I’ve had in my life (okay, so Sadie and I spent most of last summer napping on the couch with the blinds closed). Sadie continues to take me by surprise with something new every day. She’s so bold–this morning, she was climbing from our bed to the kitty condo that I’d moved to clean the floors. Her vocabulary is exploding! At last count, she was up to 38, and that was probably last week. Her favorite things to talk about continue to be dogs, kitties, shoes and babies.

When did she get to be so big? And opinionated? I love it! Sadie’s been requesting to sit in her “big girl” chair at the dining room table sometimes. It’s actually a chair that Trevor’s grandfather made, and that Trevor sat in at his family’s table when he was a kid.

Let’s hope Sadie’s thumbs are a bit greener than mine seem to be. I’ve given up on my tomatoes, and I think we’ve lost one of our blueberry bushes. Our fig tree isn’t looking so great, either. We need some rain here in Central Arkansas, I’ll tell you that much. Remembering to water plants is not high on my list, apparently. But wasted plants = wasted potential food = wasted money.

Sadie is about to get to go on her first family vacation. My side of the family (BIG!) has been going to “the beach” for years and years. But, as the Gulf is teeming with tar balls, we’re relocating to Branson, MO. While I’m super bummed about missing the beach this year, I’m kind of glad the drive is considerably shorter. Especially since I’ll be taking Sadie all the way to Orlando about a month later (hopefully this won’t be the biggest mistake ever).

So, we’re surviving the heat alright. But sometimes we have to be creative about just how we do that.

Awesome. I can hear one of the cats vomming. Guess that’s the end of my blog time for now. Trevor’s napping in Sadie’s room with her, so it’s all me on this one…